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I agree with theory about D vitamin, but we should add and rest of vitamins for healthy babys and healthy mums.


I could not be more in agreement with this article. The quality of life of a newborn predetermined to be at risk of defects should not be a choice forced upon a parent.


I was very happy to discover your website because I am involved in something similar, from a prolife feminist vantage point. But prochoice and prolife people alike will find many opportunities here to take action to reduce abortion--the project is mostly about areas of common ground.

Please visit, and invite anyone else who might be interested.

Thank you,
Marysia from the Nonviolent Choice Directory, www.nonviolentchoice.info, and Blog (With Action Alerts), www.nonviolentchoice.blogspot.com

I'll start off by saying that I am pro-life on a personal level. But before anyone is offended let me say that I believe that what is suggested above is the best plan of action.

Generally speaking pro-life and pro-choice people polarize themselves into two camps when in reality we need to look at common goals. Both sides want less abortions. If improving conditions and offering cheaper (or free) contraceptives lowers the amount of unwanted pregnancies, we both win.

Let both sides put money and energy into goals we can achieve now.

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